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When traveling to any destination, besides the memories of the places visited and activities enjoyed during a trip, the travel experience is often enriched by the interactions one had with people in the destination, with the food, drinks and fruits sampled as well as the music played in the background, in shops, restaurants, transport, restaurants, in markets or in the resorts...all contributing to the sights, smells and sounds that the brain remembers of a particular travel experience.


Conversely, a visit to a restaurant, a catchy piece of music, stirring images of a movie or documentary, an inspiring book or a well-crafted destination or Tour Operator advertisement can be triggers to learn more about that destination, and convert this interest into the action of booking a flight or tour to have the desired travel experience.


Finally, some prefer armchair traveling and to use their imagination and their senses to create a mental picture of that travel experience...to them, to those who want to relive memories of their trips and to those who want inspiration on where to go next, I invite you to Travel With Your Ears™ and embark on an exciting musical journey J !


On Travel With Your Ears™ you will find first of all YouTube video clips of great music from every country in the world, arranged by themes, as well as links to my thematic playlists of carefully selected streaming music on my Spotify account, platforms from where you can access the featured artists' own pages and playlists, supporting them with likes, shares or purchases.

You will also find in time information on the countries and regions from where the music originates, on the musical genres and on the artists, as well as travel tips and news, updates on music festivals, tons of relevant links to dig deeper and to find music, travel and related products to acquire.


There are of course many other World Music themed websites and blogs, often more specialized and addressing a connoisseur audience.


With Travel With Your Ears™ the objective is to appeal to a wider audience, one that is curious about World Music yet wants to listen to music pleasing to the ears, likes to spice up the dance floor, to chill and get in the right mood or then go deeper into the music roots if interest grows, all the while increasing knowledge about the often fascinating and exotic places where these tunes come from, and how they have fusioned among genres or incorporated modern elements and become part of our global tribe of interconnected humans. 


To achieve these objectives, I have broken down the vast amount of available World Music into different genres to suit every mood or interest.


Please navigate through these musical genres, and I sincerely hope you will enjoy the sights and sounds of our dear planet and come often to visit as more music is added and the site grows.


Humble thanks and Peace...

First Stop on the Musical Journey


- World Music & Travel: Visit here for featured countries with their destination and travel info, country videos, country playlist and music videos of representative genres...Click here to go to page.  


  The Musical Genres of Travel With Your Ears™


- World Music for Itchy Feet: Dancing is universal, when the rhythms of drums, basses, jembes, darbukas or other exotic instruments start pulsating, it's time to move your bodies and get on the dance floor...so what if you don't understand the lyrics? Music is its own language...succumb to it and let your bodies follow the familiar or never heard before rhythms on this page...Click here to go to page.  


- World Music for the Senses: Chill, relax and simply enjoy beautiful and different sounds and voices from the four corners of our planet, including perhaps your own...Click here to go to page.  


- World Music for the Brain: Intriguing, traditional, authentic and often raw sounds that are windows on different cultures of the world and their fascinating forms of musical expression...Click here to go to page.


- World Reggae: A global musical phenomenon out of Jamaica that has inspired countless artists from Peru to Ivory Coast, France, Indonesia, Russia or Japan to emulate not only the genre, but often the philosophy associated with it as well...on this page, we will explore how Reggae does outside of its place of birth...Click here to go to page.  


- World Ethno Pop: From Rai to Chicha, Luk Thung or Kwaito, we will explore the more modern and commercial versions of traditional music, often with elements of fusion and influences from global rhythms. These are the hits that many 'locals' enjoy for their parties in the countries you visit...Click here to go to page.


About the website and Disclaimers


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The videos featured are personally and carefully selected and manually added to ensure maximum viewing enjoyment. The themed playlists have been created on Spotify by selecting pleasant and relevant tunes in accordance with the theme of each playlist, providing hours upon hours of great musical content. The text content, be it the short comments alongside the videos or the longer destination features, is original to www.travelwithyourears.com and therefore copyrighted.


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