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The music from your travels, the music that makes you want to travel...The best of World Music to dance, chill, relax or muse...with background info on the places from where the music comes from, where to listen to it live, where to get it for keeps, and how to get there. Travel With Your Ears first, then let the music take you there...follow me on a musical and visual journey which I guarantee will be filled with beautiful images, sounds, melodies and rhythms that I hope will inspire and influence your decisions for your next travels!


It is my pleasure to invite you to check the pages with informative content and to click on the many videos, playlists, individual songs and plentiful links that will guide you and allow you to go deeper into your auditory adventure through the music and places of our World. Thank you for your support in this endeavour, please spread the word by sharing and recommending. Visit often as I will be regularly adding music, playlists, videos and content to the site...


Launched on 28 July 2016, content is step by step being added, so please bookmark to revisit as often as you want, play a video at a time, listen to the playlists at work or on your commute, check the contents, follow the links, and most of all, enjoy the music by all the talended artists from around the World festured here...Peace!






'America' has been much in the news lately, but often people confuse 'America' with the 'United States of America'. America is a land that stretches from the tip of Greenland in the north to the tip of Patagonia in the south. It's a land where the vast majority of its people are immigrants or fully or partially descendants of immigrants. Same came long ago to conquer and plunder, some were brought to the continent by force, some came looking for fortune, some came to escape famine, poverty, war or persecution, but the vast majority were not invited by its original inhabitants, those who had stumbled on the continent some 16 to 20 thousand years ago and had made it home for most of these times.

So when anyone in America, and particularly in the USA, talks about protecting borders, values, culture or ethnicity, they should ask themselves if they are the natives of these lands, or if them or their ancestors were not at some point entering illegally, bringing in new values, alien cultures and foreign ethnicities to this continent.

Because of its recent past, because people from the whole world have made America their home and because the prosperity and development of the continent come from usurped land and forced labour, it is incumbent on Americans to be opened to newcomers, to new cultures, different values, mixing of ethnicities; and for those more prosperous, to be generous and willing to work towards repairing the ills of the past from which their present wellbeing and privileges derive.

From a cultural, and particularly musical, point of view, America is a gold mine of diversity, of richness of sounds that have blended into the myriad music styles from indigenous, to imported, to inspired by diversity.

While America is now struggling with a nasty virus, an economic crisis and a better understanding of its past and of the legacy of that past, let us celebrate the musical diversity of the continent and the talent of its artists!




World Music Video Wall



Song For The Sacred Elements, a chant in gratitude to Mother Earth by Chenoa Egawa and Alex Turtle from the Land of America



El Baile Del Kkoyaruna, a tale about migration, tradition and identity by Pascuala Ilabaca and Fauna from Chile



La Danza Del Petrolero, in an outdoor performance by the pioneers of the Amazonian Cumbia, Los Wembler's De Iquitos from Peru



Tu Me Estas Matando, a melodious Bachata in simple settings by Joan Soriano from the Dominican Republic



Pajarrillo Enamorado, a traditional folk song on the guitar by the Dueto Dos Rosas from Mexico



Wistu Vida, a lively Tinku from the Altiplano by the group Valeno from landlocked Bolivia



Nam Dai Beeh, a song from a former Dutch colony on the fringes of the Amazon, by Scrappy W from Suriname

Featured World Reggae on the Wall

A couple of irie Reggae clips from out there...



Novo Dia, a continental collaboration by Ponto Do Equilibrio from Brazil and The Congos from Jamaica



Sky Is The Limit, cool reggae vibes by the Californian group Rebelution from the United States of America

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