World Music for the Brain

Intriguing, traditional, authentic and often raw sounds that are windows on different cultures of the world and their fascinating forms of musical expression...Folklore, ethno-musical recordings, tribal music or simply the more authentic and traditional sounds of our world, in playlists, tunes or videos to be enjoyed with curious ears...

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Makushi Forro by the native Surama Makushi Cultural Group from the remote Rupununi region in English speaking Guyana



El Umbral, a traditional Murga by Tabare Cardozo and several other top talents of this traditional music style from Uruguay



There Was A Time by the African Classical Music Ensemble from Mali



Traditional Nubian folkloric song from the Sudan



Oj Mori Kavale by Abagar Quartet from Bulgaria...simply mesmerizing



Bartolina Sisa, a haunting protest song by Luzmila Carpio from Bolivia



Lam Tangwai, traditional style Morlam music from Laos and the I-san eastern region of Thailand



Been Walkin Dis Road A Long Time by The Gullah Singers from  South Carolina, USA

The Fisherman by The Barbados Folk Singers, a sweet Bajan folk song from the 'good old days'...

Melody on Shwedagon, an instrumental classical piece played by Myanmar Kyauk Seinn orchestra from Myanmar (Burma)

An entrancing traditional Gnaoua theme by Majid Bekkas Gnaoua Ensemble from the Moroccan south

Kworo Kango, a gem of a Kayapo song from the Brazilian Amazon, arranged by Marlui Miranda 

El Alba by Grupo Aj' from Guatemala, reproducing ancient Mayan sounds

Rare old footage of a graceful Kayan or Kenyah dancer from the interiors of Borneo, accompanied with melodious Sape music

Bullerengue para un Ángel by Orito Cantora & Jenn del Tambó from Colombia, performing traditional Afro-Caribbean music

Kawe Band by Kawe Calypso from Costa Rica, hailing from the town of Cahuita on the country's Caribbean coast

Dzelem, Dzelem by Roma singer Esma Redzepova from Macedonia, the Queen of Gipsy music with a most powerful voice

A traditional Fijian Meke performed as part of a cultural project to maintain and revive the traditions of the islands of Fiji

Pelake by Vilon' Androy from Madagascar, with traditional music and dance from the south part of this culture rich huge island

Mabita Bella performed by Orchestre Baka Gbine from the rainforest of Cameroon, in a positive example of the power of musicfor good

Quarto a-o Mà, sung by the group Canterini della Valbisagno from Italy, a traditional Trallalero polyphonic folk music from Genoa region

The late Nello Sciara from the Amatrice region in Italy, playing a Ciaramella, a traditional but unique bagpipe tied to the pastoral world

Muhogo wa Jang'ombe sung by Bi Kidude, the late legendary Taarab singer from Zanzibar in Tanzania, breaking taboos into her mid 90s

Orphan's Lament by Huun Huur Tu, soulful throat singing from the Tuvan Republic in Russia

Lan E Tuyang by Sape Masters from Sarawak, Malaysia, a traditional song performed on the Sape, the iconic instrument of Borneo

Satu Kaki performed by Traditional Temiar Singers from Malaysia, one of the remaining Orang Asli (Aboriginal) communities in West Malaysia

Me Duele by Las Alegres Ambulancias from Colombia, traditional Afro-Caribbean call and response style of singing

Ainu Singer by Umeko Ando from Hokkaido in Japan, from the Ainu community, descendants of the original inhabitants of Japan

Semie Wavia by the Leweton Village Cutural Group from Vanuatu, performing a water drumming song

Laima Jansone from Latvia performs a traditional folk melody on the Kokle string instrument

Pure traditional singing and Kora playing by Soukeye et Bayla from Senegal

Urabareka Havko by Luc Ndayizeye from Burundi, singing a whispering song on the Inanga zither

A virtuoso solo Shamisen performance by Hisao Suginaka from Japan, one of the masters of this iconic Japanese instrument

She Wolf by Vedan Kolod from Russian Siberia, a Slavonic ethno folkloric band

Baka Pigmy women from Gbiné in Cameroon singing traditional polyphonic "Yelli" songs

Sweet sounding and relaxing Javanese Gamela music from Indonesia, with background pictures of the island and its culture

Subhana'allah by Abdullah Ta'lab from Indonesia, a heavily Arabic and Islamic influenced Gambus music for the gracious Zapin dance

Traditional song and dance by the San People (Bushmen) of the Western Kalahari Desert in  Botswana 




Abene Festival, a village festival in Senegal showcasing the folklore of the Casamance region



Thiéré Lamboul by Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane, who recorded his first album at age 75!

Folklore from various regions and ethnic groups of Senegal, often quite acrobatic performances!

Traditional Fulani (Peulh) nation's music from Senegal (one of many countries with Fulani people), possibly the origins of the blues?

West African Griots performing, traditional story tellers, poets, singers and guardians of oral traditions

Griots from Togo, as authentic as it gets with a different sound from their counterparts from the Sahel regions

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