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From Rai to Chicha, Dangdut, Luk Thung or Kwaito, we will explore through the playlists and videos below the more modern and commercial versions of traditional music, often with elements of fusion and influences from global rhythms, as well as interesting global hip hop and pop songs that show how modern global youth culture reaches every corner of the planet. These are the hits that many 'locals', especially the young and urban, enjoy for their parties in the countries you visit, on their phone screens and through their earphones, so join them with these popular themes, on the dance floor or in parties where you may be invited...

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Reer by X-Press from Senegal, Wolof rap with traditional sounds and a message



Snaeha Khong Pel Reatrey by Sreyleak with Khmer1Jivit from Cambodia, a definition defying beautiful song woth listening



La Tribu de Dana, Celtic inspired cult song about old Bretagne by Manau from France



Ke Pwason by Roody Roodboy, a 2016 Carnival song from Haiti meant for dancing during the  street parade



Sday Snea Aphorp by Ago from Cambodia, in a new version of a classic by great Cambodian singer Sin Sisamuth

Bajan Pretty Girls, a video with hot Caribbean island vibes by Full Moon from Barbados

Sola, a heartfelt song and intriguing video by talented artist Cinzia Carreri from Italy (Watch on YouTube)

Fada Fada by Phyno with Olamide from Nigeria, with a spirituality infused urban beat

Zaama Zaama by Takfarinas from Algeria, a lively hit by the Kabyle singer



Ne Me Jugez Pas by Sawt El Atlas from Morocco, a popular tune especially in its bilingual version



Paling Manang by Sharin Amud Shapri, a modern Sumazau from Sabah in Malaysia 



Polifonia by Poni from Albania, with a folk inspired song backed by lovely scenery



Batal Al Alam Al Arabi by Amel Bouchoucha from Algeria, supporting with a lively song the national football team

Gia Sou, a catchy pop tune by Panos Kalidis from Greece

Johnny by Nigerian star Yemi Alade, in a fun Nollywood style video

Ramwong Dao Dao by Christy Gibson and Jonas Anderson from Thailand, though Dutch and Swedish  but growing up in Thailand

Ghaltana by Saad Lamjarred from Morocco, with a creative video to go with a lively Arabic pop tune

Matador by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs from Argentina, a global hit in the 90s and still fresh today

Habib Galbi by A-Wa from Israel, electronica meets Yemeni folk songs with this perfectly harmonized 3 sisters group...catchy!

Wonders of this World by Neval Chatelal & Machel Montano from Trinidad & Tobago, singing the beauty and diversity of their land

Wet Fete by Gyptian from Jamaica and Kes The Band from Trinidad & Tobago, in a true Caribbean style party on Tobago island

Morena Kuduro by Jose Malhoa from Portugal, a musical style that originated in Angola

Kizomba com Malhão by Zé do Pipo from Portugal, one of many African music styles reprised by Portuguese and Brazilian artists

Olá Baby by Neide Van-Dúnem and Caló Pascoal from Angola, performing a very sensual Kizomba, a slow music popular in lusophone Africa

Miuda Linda by Nelson Freitas from Cape Verde, where Kizomba is also a popular style of music and dance

Aku Suka Dia by Ainan Tasneem from Malaysia, a sweet romantic Malay pop song with a lovely rural backdrop in the video

Rasa Sayang by Namewee and Karen Kong from Malaysia, an original take on Malaysia's favorite feel good song

Merdi L'amour by Reda Taliani from Algeria, a popular Rai singer based in France  (Watch on YouTube)

Leja Leja Re by Ustad Sultan Khan & Shreya Ghoshal from India, a modern love song with a sleek video and choreography

Kiss Kiss by Tarkan Şımarık from Turkey, a classic pop song from the late 90's that many will remember...

El Golpe Avisa by El Chaval from the Dominican Republic, an inspiring Bachata song

Xaliss (money) by Big Mo, Senegalese hip hop

Fima Tollu by Viviane Ndour from Senegal

Kumu Neexul by Viviane Ndour...a video with great visuals, to be watched on YouTube (Watch on YouTube)

Sapes Comme Jamais by Maitre Gims from Congo (DRC), rap celebrating de ' sapeur' culture



Mountain Kharkhiraa by Altan Orgil from Mongolia, fire breathing throat singing for the party crowd...simply mind blowing!

Badou Meun Lepp by NIX from Senegal, great sounding rap

Min Fadlik by Fady Bazzi from Ivory Coast and Lebanon, good pop



No Llama by Marisol Cavero from Peru, in a popular style of modernized hauyno, with videos often showing areas of beauty



Vete by Aullagas from Bolivia, a modern morenada with great images of the Salar de Uyuni

Me Found Love by Jokema from Papua New Guinea

Sayang by Shae from Indonesia

Island Jewel by O-shen from Papua New Guinea and Hawaii... ultimate island coolness by a true island boy

Haraalgui Duu by Gee from Mongolia...hard hitting urban hip hop and a good example of our globally connected youth culture

Jonny Pow Khaen Lao by Jonny Olsen and Nyot Sengathid from USA and Laos, a morlam hip-hop theme with the khaen playing farang

Pergi Pagi Pulang Pagi by Armada from Indonesia, one of many rich offerings from the Indonesian pop scene with its distinct sound

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