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A global musical phenomenon out of Jamaica that has inspired countless artists from Peru to Ivory Coast, France, Indonesia, Russia, Senegal or Japan to emulate not only the genre, but often the philosophy associated with it as well...on this page, we will explore how Reggae does outside of its place of birth, with a selection of great World Reggae videos, so enjoy the positive vibrations and for playlists, featured Reggae of the week and focus on specific Reggae artists and countries, check the main World Reggae page here...One Love, One World!

For more great World Reggae videos to listen to, check the 2nd World Reggae Video Wall pages here and here

Reggae  from all over the world, in English, vernacular or all sounds good and positive!



Babylon by Ratabuzz from Mongolia



Raggamuffin by Jah from Mongolia



O Mam by Jokema from Papua New Guinea



Lewa Sogeri by the Wah' Koo Boys from Papua New Guinea



Bab Reggae by Regals from Indonesia (Watch on YouTube)



Panic In The City by El Negro from Romania



Lim Yum Bdag Yum by Reggaeman with Mc Mo from Mongolia



Yadgiib by Jiijah from Mongolia



Sogerita by Wame Blood from Papua New Guinea



Turangu by O-Shen from the USA, but raised in Papua New Guinea

Raga Muffin by Skull and Haha from South Korea, two of the best known Reggae musicians from that country, with a good party vibe!

Boomdi Boomdi by Stony Skunk from South Korea, the country's original Reggae duo, in a video with a strong Caribbean feel...

Sweet Reggae Music by Windy City from South Korea

Rosa by Haha from South Korea

Nino Zaraiky by Wawa Salegy from Madagascar

Ankilanao by Ricia from Madagascar

Quitter Paname by Danakil from France

Une Minute De Silence by Volodia from France

Para Bailar Cumbia by Alika & Nueva Alianza from Argentina, a lively Cumbia Reggae by the Uruguayan born queen of Latin Reggae

Freedom by Vanessa Quai from Vanuatu in one of the early recordings by the much loved artist across the South Pacific

Agak - Agak by Poe from Malaysia

Mi Gal by PureVibracion from Malaysia

Jah Rompe Cadenas by Sista Claudia from Peru, one of the many quality Latin American Reggae singers sharing a positive message

Odyssey by Locomondo from Greece, a feel good and highly danceable Reggae song from the craddle of Western civilisation...

Vamos Con Fe by Laguna Pai from Peru, one of the country's best Reggae bands with a song with a message

Jah Love Jah Crucify by Knox from Fiji, one of the Pacific's top Reggae stars and one of its best voices...

Como un León by Cimarrón from El Salvador, with good vibrations and a positive message for all

Doo Ther Tum by Job To Do from Thailand, with an excellent Reggae tune just sounding great and powerful in Thai...sanuk mak mak!

Herbalist by Alborosie from Italy, one of the top hits by the Sicilian singer who calls Jamaica home and has embraced Rastafari culture

Papa Nero by Pitura Freska from Italy, singing Reggae in Venetian dialect with beautiful Venice in the background...

Reggae Ragga Roots by Big Mo and the Mau Mau, one of Senegal's reggae greats

Boucliers de l'Armee by Big Mo and the Mau Mau from Senegal... some knowledge of French history needed

The Heart Guides The Way by Long Shen Dao from China, cool Reggae vibes from the Middle Kingdom

Somos Pocos by Laguna Pai from Peru, with a very creative and original video

Unity by Bogostyle from Senegal

Freedom for Black People by Adioa from Senegal

Safe and Sound by Rebelution from the Reggae from California, live at a festival

Ipa Kulama by Terence Chross from Papua New Guinea...catchy song with great images of the PNG culture

Galala Kece Sara by Vanessa Quai from Vanuatu and Fiji...a sweet and beautiful voice of the South Pacific Reggae scene

So High by Rebelution from the USA...a musically beautiful ode to the herb, perfect for the 'right state of mind'...

Sopla El Viento by Laguna Pai from Peru, Latin American Reggae at its best with Andean influence

Yaadgiin by JiiJah from Mongolia, a funky Reggae tune proving that the genre does well from islands to high lands...One Love!

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