(Even more) World Music for the Senses

Chill, relax and simply enjoy beautiful and exotic sounds and voices from the four corners of our planet...with playlists and videos just to appreciate pleasing music for your senses and ears, and be transported to near or faraway places...

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Yaryar Rigu, a very pleasant and soothing song and dance from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan



Cajamarquina by the group String Karma from Peru, with a beautiful song and video of modern music from the Andes



Gololo by Deeqa Ciise from the East African nation of Djibouti, in a musical style similar to those of Somalia and Ethiopia



Welcome Song by the late Difang and Igay Duana, a husband and wife Ami aboriginal duo from Taiwan



  Al Farham by Mawndoe from Chad, with a song dedicated to the beauty of the Chadian women



W Moin Ogodecku, a folksy tune by the group Rokiczanca from Poland, keeping tradition alive for the new generations



Wangarey by the women's group Sogha from Niger, one of the nations bordering the Sahara desert



Brother Brother by Bisa Kdei from Ghana, with a nice highlife urban rhythm from the streets of Accra



Kasabu Libaas by Habeys Boduberu from the Maldives, in the lively folkloric drumming tradition



In Hell I'll Be In Good Company by The Dead South, an excellent and catchy folksy sounding tune from Canada



Sweet sounding patriotic song performed by young girls from the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia



Katikan Korani Waau, a song with a strong island feeling from the Pacific nation of Kiribati



Palauan Reggaeton, a modernized war dance by Wilbur and the Date Street Boys from the Micronesian Republic of Palau



Opadaj Lisce by Etno Skupina Cuvarice, modern folk music from Croatia



Esta Noche, an old school sensual Bachata by Raulin Rodriguez from the Dominican Republic



Alher by Bombino from Niger, with a message of peace and unity for the people of the desert



Olov Qa'ridagi Farishta, an old song from an early 90's  movie by a young Yulduz Usmanova from Uzbekistan



Echoes by The Cordillera Fusion Collective from the Philippines, in a surprising blend of tribal folklore and hip hop



Walakotela Pa Ng'Anda by Voice of Luapula from Zambia, interpreting a Kalindula music song



Guyana, a song in praise of her multi-ethnic, rainforest covered country by singer and beauty queen Poonam Singh from Guyana



Sweet Guyana, a nation praising sweet sounding song by Pablo G. and Teaka from the English speaking South American nation of Guyana



Karmir Nur, a folk song about adapting to country life by Armen Hovhannisyan from Armenia (music starts at 0:27) 



Sebarkan Ke Seantero Dunia by Putri Norizah from Brunei Darussalam, a popular artist who started her career at a young age



Amanece by Herencia de Timbiqui from the Pacific coast of Colombia, winners of the 2013 Vina del Mar festival



Kad Lijevčansko Žito Zatalasa, folk songs by Trag from Serbia



Tekebel by Getish Mamo from Ethiopia, an Amharic language song



Shimagle Kitleikeley by Semhar Isaias from the secretive but musically interesting State of Eritrea



Sumadijski Zubor, traditional music from Serbia with gorgeous images of the country, by flute master Bora Dugić



Vihma Loits, an old folk song to drive the rain away, by Greip from Estonia



Ustaj Ne Spavaj by Vrelo from Serbia, pleasant Serbian folklore inspired World Music



Tekla Rijeka by Etno Grupa Zora from Serbia, drawing on the country's rich folklore



Kariri by Rob Ruha with Tiki Taane from New Zealand, in a history charged song and video



Vesuvio, a song about the fearsome volcano overlooking Naples, by Spaccanapoli from Italy, now known as Spakka-Neapolis 55



A traditional folk song by popular singer Jameelah Saad from Yemen, known in antiquity as Arabia Felix



Wain Ya Nas by sweet voiced Manar from Sudan, singing a well known classic composition (Watch on YouTube)



Bedia, an inspiring tune by Rajery from Madagascar, the 'prince of the Valiha', Madagascar's version of the Indonesian origin bamboo zither 

El Rey Quiche, a classic from the folklore of Guatemala, a land of great beauty, with a rich and visible Mayan heritage

Tenere Taqqim Tossam by Tinariwen from Mali, soulful music with a hypnotic beat and amazing desert views



Akaline, a meaningful desert blues by Kel Assouf from the Sahara (Mali and others) about the plight of the Touareg



Fado Perdicao by Cristina Branco from Portugal, conveying the feeling of longing and loss known as 'saudade' characteristic of Fado



Jingle Bells by the Altai Folk Band from Mongolia, with a very unique version of the popular Christmas theme



Kaby Vedala, a Russian song about personal loss during the 9/11 New York attacks by UK based Muha



Sus In Varful Muntelui by Nineta Popa Ionescu, in a traditional folkloric song from Romania



Sarba Lui Damian, an old Romaian song by flute virtuoso Gheorge Zamfir from Romania



Saya De Cochabamba by Los Kjarkas from Bolivia, the legendary group singing the praises of one of the country's main cities



Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir, a South American classic interpreted by Lila Downs, Niña Pastori and Soledad from Mexico, Spain and Argentina

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