World Ethno Hip Hop

Sleek videos, hot bodies, pulsating rhythms, powerful lyrics, oodles of auto-tune, cool dance moves, lots of bling...the world of rap and hip hop has extended to all the planet. Whether sung in English, in local languages or in a mix of both, this is the musical expression of the urban youth, from Dakar to Ulaan Baatar, from Tirana to Pago Pago and everywhere in between. Often including elements of local culture, folklore and traditional instruments and often shot in the latest HD formats with the help of drones, the videos featured in this World Ethno Pop subpage will delight fans of the genre as well as those who want to explore a style of music that is fresh, contemporary and rendered more interesting by the diversity of the interprertations of this genre by mostly young artists from around the world.



Fuego by Bomba Estereo from Colombia



Pasi Gangsta by Young Light Boyz from American Samoa



Fly High by AP from Myanmar



Kylee West by Kings Of The Nation from Anguilla



Live Another Day by Lost Boys ft iVibez from the Marshall Islands



Bladi by Hamzo Bryn ft Ayber from Mauritania



Gonderigna by MC Mike and Yoni Yoye from Ethiopia



Haiti Pam Nan Diferan by Baky Popile ft. J Perry from Haiti



Ära Mine Närvi by Metsakutsu from Estonia



PNG Pom City by Naka Blood from Papua New Guinea



Uragshaa Ulaan Baatar by Tseste ft. MekhZakhQ from Mongolia



Harsh urban rap by MC Mego from Libya



Ha En Lennék A Főnök by Hősök from Hungary



Cham'Pey Siem Reap by Ajathom ft. Yeay Khla from Cambodia



Real Wifey by Jahyanai King & Bamby from French Guiana



Yo Voy Ganao by Systema Solar from Colombia

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