World Music for Itchy Feet

Dancing is universal, when the rhythms of drums, basses, jembes, darbukas or other enticing instruments start pulsating, it's time to move your bodies and get on the dance what if you don't understand the lyrics? Music is its own language...succumb to it and let your bodies follow the familiar or never heard before rhythms on this page's playlists, tunes and it out loud, shake your bodies and follow your ears to the nightclubs, dancehalls and discos of the world!

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Tuk de Ming by Hot Dogg with Akum Sabahker, highly enjoyable Dinka dance music from South Sudan, to dance like a Nubian!



Vocha by Hassan with Aslay from Tanzania, in a suggestive and great sounding dance video

Lam Salawan by Sidthipon from Laos, in a lively version of this popular Lao / Thai Morlum song

Imarhan by Imarhan from Mali, a highly danceable tune from the new generation of Touareg musicians and their desert blues



Gimme Punta Rock, an iconic tune by the late Garifuna music legend  Andy Palacio from Belize



Santiago, a contagious dance tune by Titoy Bolabote, a rising star from Equatorial Guinea



Kite Yo Pale by Sweet MIcky, aka Michel Martelly, famous singer and former President of Haiti, with a post presidency song



We Jammin' by Geno D from the Bahamas, in the unique Rake n' Scrape style characteristic of these fun loving and sun kissed islands

El Mico De Karlita by Zona Cero from Nicaragua, a tropical tune with a funny video and double entendre lyrics...

Original, a contagious dance tune by Fally Ipupa from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Malgash Ou Sa Y Lé by Gramoun Séllo from the French island of Réunion, performing a Maloya sung in local Créole

Sopa de Caracol by Banda Blanca from Honduras, a danceable Caribbean rhythm from the 80s with Spanish and Garifuna lyrics

Zancudo by Calypso Limon from Costa Rica, timely in these days of Zika they don't want to be bitten by bugs!

Massake by Habib Koite & Bamada from Mali, a foot stomping traditional inspired dance tune with a great video background




Faluma, a popular and lively Sranang tune from Suriname that shook bodies around the Caribbean, sung by Alison Hinds from Barbados




Rachuli, a popular traditional song and dance from Georgia in the Caucasus region, performed in a modernized way

La Negra Tiene Tumbao by the late Celia Cruz from Cuba, the undisputed Queen of Salsa

Nhamo Zvakare by Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited from Zimbabwe, a Chimurenga song born from the independence struggle

Julieta by Manantial from Costa Rica, a flashback to the 80s and an invitation to dance this Chiqui Chiqui uniquely Tico tropical rhythm

Baila Maria by the French, Spanish and Israeli group Alabina, with a masterful fusion of highly danceable Mediterranean sounds

El Zancudo Loco by The Hitsong from Honduras, an inspired version of an old Mexican classic

Banana by Kazzabefrom Honduras, with  lively Punta music from the Caribbean coast

Les Temps Ont Changé by Grammy nominated blind couple Amadou & Mariam from Mali

Ron by Leon Coldero from Trinidad and Tobago, with a Soca Parang, a Venezuelan inspired music usually sung in Spanish around Christmas

E Tiako by Jaojoby from Madagascar, one of the long established kings of the Salegy music

Pé-de-Calçada by Mestre Ambrosio from Brazil, an energetic Forró from the empoverished Nordeste region

Samba Do Brasil by pop girl group Bellini from Germany, with a cliched but infectious dance tune that's pleasant to watch...

Le Di El Bate by Candido Fabre y su Banda from Cuba, a country producing some of the best Latin Music

Ba Moin En Ti Bo by la Compagnie Créole from the French Caribbean, a group known for their catchy dance tunes popular at most parties

Son La Ri by Tabou Combo from Haiti, probably the country's best known band still going strong with their infectious rhythms

Liki Liki by MC Rai from Tunisia, a dance hit by the California based singer with his unique style of doing the Rai

Alabina by Alabina from France, though more from all over the Mediterranean, with French - Spanish vocals and an Israeli lead singer

Calypso Queen by Calypso Rose from Trinidad and Tobago, a look back at her time and days by the undisputed Queen of Calypso!

Ju Ju Warrior by Calypso Rose from Trinidad and Tobago, with a feel good Calypso rhythm which id hard to resist to dance to...

Sambalado by Ayu Ting Ting from Indonesia, a spirited contemporary Dangdut song

Nouar by Cheikha Rimitti from Algeria, one of the earliest and most famous exponents of the Rai genre popular throughout the Maghreb

Mundian to Bach Ke by Panjabi MC from the UK, a catchy Bhangra tune filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Watch on YouTube)

La Salsa Llego by La Sonora Carruseles from Colombia, a very hot Salsa 'para guarachar'!

Mbora by Adama Yalomba from Mali, electrifying music from the fringes of the Sahara

El Maestro Madiama by Ndeye Niang Ndiaye, the 'Diva' of Senegal's salsa scene (click on play to see video)

Mama África by Chico César from Brazil, a contagious Axe rhythm from Bahia

Negro Jose by Yerba Brava from Argentina, a lively take on a classic Latin American song in Cumbia Villera style

Fouta Tooro by Africando from Senegal, hot and spicy salsa with African sabor!

La Musica En Verite by Africando, contagious old school Senegalese salsa...a bailar!

Oye Traicionera by Pastor Lopez from Colombia, one of the classics from the Cumbia genre

Khula Tshitshi Lami by Mfaz' Omnyama from South Africa, feet stomping Maskandi from the Zulu lands

Nos Cultura by Tikai from Cape Verde, a lively Funana tune from this most musical of islands

Mr. Pendu by Roshan Prince from India, a lively Bhamgra by a talented musician and actor from the Punjab region

Ki La tete by Djibril Diop with Aida Samb from Senegal, slow starting mbalax followed by explosive dancing!

Ila Touba by Carlou D from Senegal, infusing new rhythms into the local music scene...



Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo by Bareto from Peru, a contemporary take on a classic of Peruvian cumbia from the Amazon region



Lamento De La Selva by Los MIrlos from Peru, old school tropical cumbia from the jungles of Peru

Ubóu by the Garifuna Collective (Belize, Honduras, Guatemala), Afro-Amerindian rhythms from the Caribbean coast

Amaneciendo by Adolfo Echeverria Y Su Conjunto from Colombia, a nice Cumbia 'para bailar'...

Jong Ban Propun Khmer by Khemarak Sereymon from Cambodia, a lively Khmer dance tune

Neak Sre Kor Mean Dollar by Khemarak Sereymon from Cambodia... a fun dance video

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