(More) World Music for the Brain

Intriguing, traditional, authentic and often raw sounds that are windows on different cultures of the world and their fascinating forms of musical expression...Folklore, ethno-musical recordings, tribal music or simply the more authentic and traditional sounds of our world, in playlists, tunes or videos to be enjoyed with curious ears...

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Song Of The Falklands, the unofficial anthem of the British Falkland Islands,or Malvinas, a remote British outpost close to South America



Orphan's Lament, a haunting overtone singing melody by famous group Huun Huur Tu from the Tuvan Republic in Russia



The Unbeatable Warrior Stick Dance, folklore from the Marshall Islands in Micronesia



Jeebul Jeebul by Taj Buldei, a Balochi folk song from the Eastern Balochistan region of Pakistan



Deye Mon, a folk song in Creole by Mr Ives and Friends from the Caribbean island of St Lucia



Friends of Bambouty by El Tambura from Egypt, a collective of musicians aiming at preserving old folk melodies



Baile Do Monte by the Grupo De Folclore Monte Verde from the island of Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal



Tu Pucine Raudonasai, a traditional men's folk song by Rokas Kaseta from Lithuania



A folk dance by the Ensemble Sharatin from the breakaway Republic of Abkhasia in the Caucasus region of Georgia



A traditional song by Sarah Marzouk from the Afro-Arab community in the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Bahrain



An otherwordly 8-part polyphony from the Bunun aboriginal people of the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan



A Bale Ndikuwuzeni by Gasper Nali from Malawi, on his unique home made Babatoni multi-instrument



Traditional folk song from Ossetia, now divided into separatist South Ossetia and North Ossetia as a region of Georgia



A traditional song by Ouleya Mint Amartichitt from Mauritania, one of the powerful female voices out of Africa



An harmonious showcase of different styles of instrumental folk music from Bangladesh



Live performance of traditional Sawt Oud music from the oil rich nation of Kuwait



Tozvireva Tingaputike Neshungu, a powerful and spiritual song on the M'bira thumb piano by Mbira DzeNharira from Zimbabwe



Hellebore / Too Late To Sleep by Flemish folk group Naragonia from Belgium



Kandia Denke by Sekouba Kandia Kouyate from Guinea, in a tribute to his famous musician father Sory Kandia



Dum Mast Qalandar Mast Mast by the late legendary Qawwali master and World Music starNusrat Fateh Ali Khan from Pakistan



Bandende by Puita Atlantico, sensual folklore from the tiny African island nation of Sao Tome E Principe



Travail by Frederick Samara from Tchad, a self sufficient musician delivering folklore inspired songs with social messages



El Layl Zehi a Sufi song by famous singer, composer, oud player and versatile performer Lotfi Bouchnak from Tunisia



A traditional Batuco by old time singer N'toni Denti d'Oru from the African island republic of Cabo Verde



Madam Baya by Lespri Ravann from Mauritius in a traditional style of 'typique' Sega music using only percussion and accoustic instruments



Il Bambinu u l-Budaj - Il-Bamboccu by Frans Casha from the Mediterranean island of Malta, singing a ghana traditional song



Out of this world drumming by master drummer Nii Okai Aryeetey from Ghana, also a teacher of the art...



Traditional Bedouin Music from Jordan, performed live and authentic under windy conditions...feels like being there!



Si Tatico Se Levanta by El Prodigio from the Dominican Republic, with a raw and 'typical' folk version of Merengue



Tris Elies Dje Mian Domatan by Michalis Terlikkas from the island of Cyprus



Kyenkyen Bi Adi Mawu by Gouda Traditional Music from Ghana, performeing the acoustic version of a song by K. Frimpong



Fontomfom, a traditional ritualistic dance and music from the Asante people of Ghana, performed during the King's funeral



Four songs and dances by the Toelegu Pan Pipers from Solomon Islands, where missionaries introduced the bamboo band tradition



Pal' Lereo Pabla, Pa La Cuna Yaya by Bulla Y Tambo from Colombia, a mournful Bullerengue from the Caribbean coast



Kohomba Kankariya, a traditional ritual dance from the Kandy region of Sri Lanka



Alaminadura by the late legendary Taraf singer Bi Kidude from  Zanzibar in Tanzania, still singing up to her late 90s



Ancient Kai Song by Altai Kai from the Tuva Republic in Russia, with shamanistic inspired drumming and enigmatic overtone singing



Island Gal Sally by the Count Lashers Seven, performing an old style traditional Mento music from Jamaica



Iz-Zaqqieq, a traditional Ghana folkloric song on the guitar from the enigmatic island of Malta



Bandari traditional music from South Iran by Tika Music Ensemble from Iran



Alash by Alash Ensemble, award winning throat singing group from Tuva, Russia



Lam Lao, a traditional and authentic Morlum song from Laos, a style more often heard now in its modern version

Kay Kojon, a soulful throat singing tune by Altai Kai from the Altai Republic in Russia

Yoruba singer and dancers from Erin-Osun in Western Nigeria, singing songs of praise and dancing to the beat of Bata drummers

Zaouli Dance from Ivory Coast, a masked dance from the Guro people of central Ivory Coast

Ru Con by Hoang Ngoc Bich from Vietnam, in a solo performance on the Vietnamese Dan Bau string instrument

Karşılaşınca by Abdurehim Heyit, a Uyghur master of the 2 stringed Persian Dutar, from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China

El Rapto, a Spanish inspired traditional dance and musical folklore from Nicaragua

Rain by the Faran Ensemble from Israel, digging into rich Eastern musical roots

Eamifamut (Ancient Forces) by Sami folk singer Berit Margrethe Oskal from Finland

Tihar Bayatin by Tartit from Mali, entrancing music from the fringes of the Sahara desert

Che Kamba Resa Jajai, a  popular folk song in Spanish peppered Guaraní, composed by  Hilarión Correa from Paraguay

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