(Even More) World Music for Itchy Feet

Dancing is universal, when the rhythms of drums, basses, jembes, darbukas or other enticing instruments start pulsating, it's time to move your bodies and get on the dance floor...so what if you don't understand the lyrics? Music is its own language...succumb to it and let your bodies follow the familiar or never heard before rhythms on this page's playlists, tunes and videos...play it out loud, shake your bodies and follow your ears to the nightclubs, dancehalls and discos of the world!

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Puerto Rico, a tribute to this Caribbean USA territory, interpreted by Jerry Rivera from Puerto Rico



O Bailinho Da Madeira by Chris Ribeiro and Luzi Occi from Portugal, celebrating this tradition richPortuguese island in the Atlantic



Na Stathó Sta Pódia Mou, a song with a message by Leonidas Balafas from the island of Crete in Greece



La Metisse by Zulu and Mario Ramsamy in a contemporary Sega rhythm from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius



Madjafalao, a feel good dance tune by veterans Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou from the West African country of Benin



Anoche Soñe Con Ella, a classic sounding Bachata by Antony Santos from the Dominican Republic



Somaliland by Maryan Mursal from Somalia in a lively song dedicated to the breakaway Republic of Somaliland in Somalia



Tigui Tigui, an irristible dance tune by Ozaguin from the Central African Republic



La Grev Bare Mwen, a Creole song by Kali with dance by the Ballet Exotique de Martinique, from the Martinique French Overseas Region



Maloya Dann Kor, a lively Maloya by Katy Toave and Olivier Araste from the French Overseas Region of Reunion in the Indian Ocean



Wale Wale by Jose Chameleone from Uganda, a lively modern beat with a strong cultural background



Dife A Baste by Kasika, a carnival music by a cultural association from the French Overseas Region of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean



We Want Action, a carnival theme by Pantha Vibes International from the British island of Anguilla in the Caribbean



Montserrat Irie by Darkman from the island of Montserrat in the British Caribbean, celebrating the recovery from the 1995 eruption



Water by Gman from the Caribbean nation of Antigua & Barbuda, in a funny feel good clip



Sa Bon Lan Mizik, a lively Sega rhythm by Sandra from the the heavenly Indian Ocean islands of Seychelles



Nakeng Tsa Poho by Mahlanya, a star of Sotho music from the southern African mountain Kingdom of Lesotho



Take De Oath by King Konris, a fast paced calypso with a patriotic and civic theme from the island nation of St Kitts and Nevis



Mi Maria Luisa by La Tribu De Abrante, a modern Bomba group from the unincorporated USA territory of Puerto Rico



Ai Seu Tu Pego by Grupo Komper, a lively dance tune from the island of Curaçao, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands



Palestinian folklore by Manal Mousa and Mahmoud Badawih from Palestine, a nation still waiting for full recognition as a country



Cumbia Cusinela by Huichol Musical, a group from the indigenous Huichol community of Mexico



Haiyu by the late Mariem Hassan from the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, the former Spanish Sahara annexed by Morocco in 1975



Jab All Over by Tallpree from Grenada, showcasing the intriguing Jab Jab carnival tradition, rooted in the days of emancipation



Makordor, a happy sounding infectious tune by Steady Bongo from the West African nation of Sierra Leone 



Ndakuvara, a classic hit by legendary singer Oliver 'Tuku' Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe



Chidhafu Dhunda by Andy Muridzo from Zimbabwe, in a modern hit with an unmistakeable Zimbabwean sound and rhythm



Hurombo by Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited from Zimbabwe. No images but the music is just to good to pass...



Pamhatakaterera, an old school sounding tune with infectious rhythm by Jacob Moyana from Zimbabwe



Vaqueiro Atualizado, a light hearted and danceable Pizadinha song by Tony Guerra & Forro Sacode from the Nordeste region of Brazil



YeKe YeKe by Mory Kante from Guinea, in a TV performance of his hit song that conquered European charts in the late 1980s (Watch on YouTube)



The Rocky Road To Dublin by The Kings of Connaught from Ireland, in a lively rendition of this tongue twisting classic 



Liberateur by Kerfala Kante from Guinea, one of the many talented musicians from this West African nation



Ntesse by the late Kante Manfila from Guinea, in a nostalgia inducing video clip



Palito De Coco, a hit in the Dominican Republic by artist Rumai (El Haitiano) from neighboring Republic of Haiti



Cachondea by Fruko Y Sus Tesos from Colombia, an irrisistible dance tune by this famous salsa group



Djorankani by Fefe Gnalen from Guinea, in a contemporary song with an unmistakably West African sound



Die by Macire Sylla from Guinea, in a powerful audio clip best enjoyed at full volume and with dancing shoes on!

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