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Dancing is universal, when the rhythms of drums, basses, jembes, darbukas or other enticing instruments start pulsating, it's time to move your bodies and get on the dance floor...so what if you don't understand the lyrics? Music is its own language...succumb to it and let your bodies follow the familiar or never heard before rhythms on this page's playlists, tunes and videos...play it out loud, shake your bodies and follow your ears to the nightclubs, dancehalls and discos of the world!

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Darling by Hamid from the island of Anjouan in the Union of the Comoros, Indian Ocean



Sidi Mansour by Saber El Rebai from Tunisia, with a feel good popular North African song



Je Suis Un Boni / Aluku by Rickman G-Crew from the Amazonian department of French Guiana, with a powerful video about the history of the Boni



Kawral by the Colectif Denke Denke Koy from Burkina Faso, celebrating the widespread Fulbe culture and people 



Soul Kawal by Neeraj Gupta Mudhoo, the king of Bhojpuri music from the Indian community in Mauritius



Tik Tike by Laura Beg from Mauritius, in a classic creole Sega dance with an unmistakable island sound



Que Suenen Los Tambores by Laritza Bacallao from Cuba, with a good Caribbean holiday vibe



Calouni, an infectious Sega dance tune by Ino Nakeed from the island of Mauritius



Abakali Bakali by Sansamukeni Jazz Band from Zambia, a Kalindula popular dance rhythm enjoyed by all ages



Tera Tera by Elias Gizachew from Ethiopia, with a popular urban beat as danced on the streets of Addis Ababa



Cumbia Maka Jini, a Huichol language lively song by the group Huichol Musical from Northern Mexico



Maabina by Best Ones from the musically rich West African Republic of Ghana, where modern and traditional happily mix



El Maiz by Krisspy from the Dominican Republic, with the lively and contagious Merengue rhythm



Mafeesh Sahab Yatasahab by Team Speck Beck from Egypt, a young exponent of the popular electro shaabi street music genre



For Girls by Destiny and Bisa Kdei from Ghana, music for a comical but highly skilled demonstration of the Azonto dance



Virgin by Reggie Zippy from Ghana, in an old school video of the highly popularhip-life music style popular in Ghana



Guyana Fe Me Own by Apache Waria from Guyana, the only English speaking country in South America



Mobilete by Nelson Nascimento from Brazil, the 'king' of the lively Pizadinha dance music from the Northeast region



Le Hace Falta Un Beso, an island flavored Salsa by Pakole from the Dominican Republic



Mama Mie by AT, the 'King of Mduara', a type of Swahili language popular music from Tanzania



Coolie Bai Dance, a tongue in cheek song by Indo-Guyanese singer Mystic from Guyana



Dem Ah Watch Meh, a Soca - Chutney hit by Mahendra Ramkellawan from Guyana in South America



Boshret Kheir, an Egyptian song about elections, and YouTube sensation, sung by Hussain Al Jassmi from the United Arab Emirates



Kiri by Dicko Fils from Burkina Faso, a talented Peulh musician with a pleasant and danceable modern folklore style



Cusub Geenyo by Ali Bashir a.k.a Ali Dhaanto from Somalia, performing the lively traditional Dhaanto folk music and dance



Adje Da To by Patrick Ruffino from the West African country of Benin, formerly known as the Republic of Dahomey

Kambua by Bonga from Angola, with a good feel of Carnival from the famous Angolan singer

Faluma and Makelele by Alison Hinds from Barbados, combining two popular songs from the Caribbean into a lively video



Leave Me Alone by Calypso Rose, Queen of Calypso, and Machel Montano, King of Soca from Trinidad and Tobago  (Watch on YouTube)



Hello Baby by Candido Fabre with JG and Laritza Bacallao from Cuba, with a great dancing son and images of La Habana



Las Caleñas by Pastor Lopez from Venezuela with a hot Cumbia dedicated to the Cali women



Who Drinking Rum? by King Bubba FM from Barbados with a lively Soca and a reminder to drink responsibly!



Sasambua by Kwea Pipa from Tanzania, a Swahili song urging people to forget their worries and dance...



Saga by the late African star Oliver Ngoma from Gabon, the oil rich French speaking nation in West Africa



Nada by RemBuction from the twin islands republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with a Parang style Christmas song



Kabar Maron by Kiltir from the French island of La Reunion, with a Maloya about freedom from slavery



Mirage by Mamzel from the French island of La Reunion, with a lively Sega tune song in Creole



El Baile De Santa Claus by Grupo Exterminador from Mexico with a clip that everybody should play at a Christmas party!



Aambiwe by Offside Trick from Zanzibar in Tanzania



La Comay by Sonora Carruseles from Colombia, with a very hot and body shaking Salsa rhythm

El Baile De La Coneja by Samy and Sandra Sandoval from Panama in a lively carnival dance tune

In Maloya L'Amour, a sensual Maloya dance song by Kiltir from the French island of Reunion

Mmege Mmege by Flavour and Selebobo from Nigeria, in a dance inviting video drawing from tradition

Sao Noy Teuk Ka Doung by LeuXai XaiLeuXar from Laos, with a modern Mor Lum and sing-a-long lyrics

Garifuna Nuguya by Clayton Williams from Belize, a feel good, body shaking Garifuna rhythm from the Caribbean side of Central America

Warni Warni by Omar Souleyman from Syria, with a hypnotic song taking us around the globe in a bizarre but funky video



Taranta Power, a project by Eugenio Bennato from Italy to promote the Taranta dance and its cultural traditions through various media



Pizzica Della Luna by the Nuova Compagnia Soleluna from Italy, paying homage to popular music with this lively Pizzica

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