(More) World Music for the Senses

Chill, relax and simply enjoy beautiful and exotic sounds and voices from the four corners of our planet...with playlists and videos just to appreciate pleasing music for your senses and ears, and be transported to near or faraway places...

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Fakatokatoka by Nuku' Alofa from the French Polynesian territory of Wallis & Futuna



Hakmet Lakdar by legendary female Gnawa singer Hasna El Becharia from Algeria



La Mala Suerte Que Eres Casada by Los Ayllus from Peru, with contemporary Andean music



Oo Ghaitaa by Farhad Darya from Afghanistan, reminescing about the old days when music was an important part of social life



Eres Agua by Ale Kuma group from the Caribbean region of Colombia, with a refined Cumbia



Rai Baro by Mahala Rai Banda from Romania, in the joyous Gypsy inspired Fanfare tradition

El Pescador by Toto La Monposina from Colombia, live in a rare 1991 footage of the Bullerengue diva...pure delight

Ak Tilek by Galymzhan Zholdasbay from Kazakhstan, a lively folklore tune from the steppes of Central Asia

Toumast Tincha by Tinariwen from Mali, one of the most famous groups with powerful music from the fringes of the Sahara desert

Treaty by Yothu Yindi from Australia, bringing through song to the Australian conscioussness the realities of history



Mon Konpe Gede, Voodoo inspired music by Ram from Haiti



Petit Goave, sweet Creole music by Twoubadou Kreyol from Haiti (Watch on YouTube) 



Confirmation by accoustic guitar masters Strings from Haiti, with a Caribbean infused Flamenco



Huerfano Pajarillo , a Huayno by Charango master and teacher Puka from Peru

Y en eso llego Fidel by Carlos Puebla from Cuba, in a musical tribute to the late 'Comandante' of the Cuban Revolution

Mouan Thae Barn Hao by Sengnapha Dalanoy from Laos in a sweet sounding country music song



Sao Ken Fai by Jew Amornrat from the I-san region of Thailand, with a culture and music close to that of Laos



Jodida Pero Contenta by Buika from Spain, a versatile and multi talented singer of Flamenco and other genres



Dadabe by Benjam from the French island of La Reunion, with a traditional sounding Maloya



Chaska Ñahuy NIñucha by the K'ana Wawakunas children choir from Peru, in a Villancico (Christmas song) sung in the Quechua language



Haburadan Aşağı by Selçuk Balcı from Turkey, a traditional Turkish folk song with stunning visual backgrounds



Pajaro De La Montaña, a tradicional Gaita from Costa Rica

Calles De Dajla by Aziza Brahim from the Western Sahara (Morocco), singing about the plight of the Sahraoui people

Que Linda Flor, a popular Andean inspired tune interpreted by Victor Manuel from Peru

Taragalte by Oum from Morocco, a song and video celebrating the region and its acclaimed music festival

Relampago by Alborada from Peru, in their uniquely inspiring pan Native American style

Gambia by Sona Jobarteh from The Gambia, in celebration of her country and music

Asa De Anjo by Dona Rosa, the soulful blind well known Fado singer from Portugal

Raude by Black Rose from Fiji, with a dynamic South Pacific rhythm and some cool dance moves

Canan Nan Gaidheal by Gaelic Women from Scotland, United Kingdom, in a beautifully sung version with great photo backdrop

Mix Catalina by Los Alegres de Ticuantepe from Nicaragua, in a lively pot pourri of popular Cumbias from around the country

Zina by Babylone from Algeria, in a soulful romantic song in a fresh and beautiful musical style, identifiable but not cliche... (Watch on YouTube)

Patria by Ruben Blades with Robi Draco Rosa from Panama, a patriotic song by the famous singer, actor and former tourism minister

Bissa by Fatoumata Diawara from Mali, another of the great variety of artists and styles from this very musical African nation

Isahn Bhn How by Jonas Anderson, the Thai born Swedish singer of I-san luk thung and morlam music

Traditional popular folk music from Panama by Chelo y Balbino Gomez and their melancholic sounding accordeon

El Ventarron by Petrona Martinez, onr of the great Afro-Caribbean voices from Colombia

Aura Song by Bapi Das from India, inspired by the tradition of the itinerant Bauls

Tupa Täynnä Tuppasuita, an early video by Värttinä from Finland, now one of Scandinavia's most famous World Music groups

Tarantella Del Gargano by Daniele Sepe from Italy, a fast rendition of a classic with many versions

Yo Tengo La Luz by Las Hijas Del Sol, a famous duo from Spanish speaking Equatorial Guinea

Que Viva Chango by Celina and Reutilio from Cuba, a classic by two great artists, here in a gem of a historical video

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