World Music for the Senses

Chill, relax and simply enjoy beautiful and exotic sounds and voices from the four corners of our planet...with playlists and videos just to appreciate pleasing music for your senses and ears, and be transported to near or faraway places...

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Soothing World Music playlists to relax, dream and to inspire your travels...

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Soothing Kora music by West African masters

Best music from the let your mind soar like a Condor

Powerful and enigmatic throat singing in different styles



Bye Bye by Mohammed Al Salem from Iraq, a happy song showing the country in a different light than what we get from the news



Dancing With the Moon by the Balkan Beat Box from Israel, in a sweet sounding mix of mediterranean and world flavoured rhythms

Allah Ya Molana, a classic brilliantly interpreted by Nabila Maan from Morocco, a kingdom where tradition and modernity easily mingle (Watch on YouTube)

Mali Sadio, a folklore rich griot song masterfully rendered by Toumani Diabate and the late Mangala Camara from Mali

Lobster Band by the Calypsonians from Costa Rica, delicious sounding Calypso from Costa Rica's Caribbean coast

Juego de Niños by Peregrino Gris from Costa Rica, surprisingly good Celtic sounds from a country better known for its lush rainforests

Wiyathul by blind Aboriginal singer Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu from Australia, in a most beautiful and emotional song that trascends language

Istanbul by Turkish, French and Israeli trio Light in Babylon, cross musical borders around the Eastern Mediterranean

Cosi Celeste by Zucchero from Italy with Cheb Mami from Algeria, two great artists collaborating from across the Mediterranean

Tribal Voice by Yothu Yindi from Australia, with a powerful message to the people of Mother Earth, especially the 'first people'... 

Don Pizzica by Officina Zoe from Italy, a Pizzica Tarantella from the Puglia region, danced artfully by the sensational Laura Boccadamo

Lu Rusciu Te Lu Mare by Allabua from Italy, with a strange video best understood when knowing more about the Tarantella dance...

Forget the Eyes (?) by Tai Oratai from Thailand, a popular singer of sweet sounding Thai folk music

Ya Rayah by Rachid Taha from Algeria, in his version of this popular song about the plight of the migrant

Bye Bye by Sheron Tan from Sabah, Malaysia, from the Sino Kadazan mixed Chinese and Sabah native community in Borneo

Joget Pahang by Siti Nurhaliza from Malaysia, a traditional Malay song and popular type of dance by the darling of Malaysia's pop scene

Bedeche Amon A Ghor by Baul Bishwa from India, bringing the Baul tradition to the world with charismatic leader Bapi Das Baul

Iwacu Si Kure by Fifi from Rwanda, a beautiful song about longing for the homeland

Zapata Se Queda by Lila Downs from Mexico, joining with compatriot Celso Piña and Totó La Monmposina from Colombia in a lively song

Ach Ellada by Nikos Papazoglou from Greece, with gorgeous background images 

Ötüken by Saydaş Monguş from Russia, throat singing from the Tuva Republic in Russia

Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan by Mukesh from India, one of the lead songs from the 1970 Mera Naam Joker classic movie by Raj Kapoor

Sūda Dziesma byAuļi from Latvia, powerful folk music from the Baltic region

Timeless Land by Yothu Yindi from Australia, blending Aboriginal and Western music for a unique sound with strong messages

Uvgudiin Zahias by Altai from Mongolia, spirited throat singing and traditional music from the highlands

Cuatro Esquinas by Samy from Ecuador, a traditional Sanjuanito from the Andes mountains

Sa La Wan Rum Wong...a popular Thai - Khmer song reprised by many Thai, Laotian and Cambodian singers, in traditional and modern styles

Lana Isan by Munt Khaen Kaen Khun from Thailand, a morlam song from the Isan eastern area of Thailand, bordering Cambodia



Our Rainforest by Jerry Kamit from Sarawak in Malaysia, Borneo Sape with a modern twist by one of the masters of the genre



Boquita de Miel by Ch'ila Jatun from Bolivia, a second generation group following on the footsteps of their famous parents, the Kjarkas

Neem by Titi Robin and Gulabi Sapera from France and India, exquisite Rajasthani Gypsy music from a fruitful collaboration

West African (Mali, Guinee, Senegal) masters of percussion letting it loose on stage...pure delight!

Imillitay by Los Kjarkas from Bolivia

He Venido by Kalamarka from Bolivia

Fleuve by Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko from Senegal...West African Kora fusion with Persian court music

Leopold Sedar Senghor by Toure Kunda, a soft sounding tribute to Senegal's first president and renowned poet



Is̄ān Lả Phelin by Tai Oratai from Thailand, celebrating the Isan region of Thailand by one of the most popular LukTung singers



A harp melody by Otoniel Ccayanchira from Peru, one of the masters of this instrument

Bondam Bong by Youn Sopheap from Cambodia, a sad but beautiful  Khmer love song

Lum Pu Thai by Jonny Olsen from the USA, a 'farang' who has embraced Thai - Lao culture and music and has recorded albums there



El Condor Pasa, composed by prolific composer Daniel Alomia Robles, masterfully performed by Wayna Picchu from Peru



El Condor Pasa by 12 Girls Band from China, from the Altiplano to the Gobi Desert with Peru's most iconic musical composition

Gobi by Boerte from Mongolia, haunting throat singing and landscapes from the land of Genghis Khan

Tanah Airku by Kartwel Noesantara from Indonesia, an intriguing cover version of a popular song about the country's beauty



Koba by Tarika from Madagascar, on a musical journey searching for the Indonesian roots of the Malagasy people...



T'una Papita by Los Kjarkas from Bolivia, the most famous and internationally exposed group from this landlocked country

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