World Reggae

A global musical phenomenon out of Jamaica that has inspired countless artists from Peru to Ivory Coast, France, Indonesia, Russia, Senegal or Japan to emulate not only the genre, but often the philosophy associated with it as well...on this page, we will explore how Reggae does outside of its place of birth; with a Spotify playlist for hours of great World Reggae, a featured Reggae from a different country every week, focus on specific artists and on the Reggae from the countries featured in the World Music & Travel section here, so enjoy the positive vibrations, and for more World Reggae clips from all over, check the World Reggae Videos pages here, here , here and here...One Love, One World!

A selection of Reggae tunes from around the world on a Spotify playlist… positive vibrations from out there…



Focus on: Max Adioa, one of the premier reggae musicians from Senegal, bringing his own African inspired vibrations to the genre


Featured Reggae on the World Reggae Wall: Reggae from Ghana



Father by Ras Kuuku from Ghana



Survival by Shegee Styla from Ghana



One Man No Dub by Kwame Bediako from Ghana



African Reggae Fever by Rocky Dawuni from Ghana

Focus on: Indonesian Reggae. With thousands of islands and a vibrant musical culture of its own, Indonesians have adopted as well outside musical influences, giving them their own inspired spin, with Reggae one of the most successful 'mergers'




Salam by Ras Muhamad from Indonesia, great Reggae with a difference and a positive message

Dangdut Jamaica by Roompoet Hijau from lead singer, great rhythm

Aku Cinta (Indonesia) by Uwe Kaa from Germany and Ras Muhamad from Indonesia

Republik Sulap by Tony Q Rastafara from Indonesia...what a voice!

Terjebak di Pulau Yang Indah by Ray D'Sky and Ras Muhamad from Indonesia

Ngayal Lagi by Kalua and Tony Q Rastafara from Indonesia

Gili Trawangan by Richard D'Gilis from island vibes from Lombok

P.A.P.U.A. by Conrad Good Vibration from Indonesia, great sounding reggae song about Papua and their independence aspirations

Reggae Party by Max Rastagospel from Indonesia, good holiday vibes from the island of Flores...

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