(Still more) World Music for the Senses

Chill, relax and simply enjoy beautiful and exotic sounds and voices from the four corners of our planet...with playlists and videos just to appreciate pleasing music for your senses and ears, and be transported to near or faraway places...

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Den Fyrste Gongen, a traditional folk song by  popular Earlybird Stringband from Norway



Zuo Ye De Du Lun Shang by Bing Wen Li from Hong Kong SAR in China with views of the Fragrant Harbour



Unay Sanjuanitu, a folkloric tune from Ecuador performed by Los Masis from Bolivia



Htar Wa Ra Thit Sar by Ni Ni Kin Zaw from Myanmar, in a song dedicated to the country's beauty and culture



Macau Sam Assi, a song in Patua from Macao, showcasing Macanese culture (music starts at 1:45)



Beautiful native american inspired music with gorgeous images, celebrating the indigenous heritage of the americas



Jodeln Ist Cool by Oesch's Die Dritten, with  a happy yodeling song from Switzerland



This Island Is Mine, a song of pride and an invitation to visit by Skinny Fabulous from St Vincent and the Grenadines



Memoire by Dode, a grunge flavoured folk rock from the French islands of St Pierre et Miquelon off the Canadian Newfoundland coast



Na Horach Byva, a popular folk song with world influences by the group Hrdza from Slovakia



No Te Ati Enata, a song by Ronald Pihahuna from the remote French islands of the Marquesas, interpreted by pupils from the Atuona school



M'godro Street, Le Pas De L'Evolution by M'toro Chanou, a singer with strong messages from the French Indian Ocean island of Mayotte



Schwei Wi Dei Wi Du, typical alpine folkloric song and fun video by Die Mayrhofner from Austria



No Habra Nadie En El Mundo by Concha Buika from Spain, with her uniquely beautiful Flamenco inspired sound



Supposing, an audio clip by the Lashing Dogs scratch band from the British Virgin Islands, with a musical style known there as Fungi



We're from Pitcairn Island by Trent Christian, one of 50 people from the British island of Pitcairn of 'Mutineers of the Bounty' fame  



Vor I Vaglaskogi, a song in the vernacular by the internationally acclaimed group Kaleo from Iceland



Let's Go To The Reef, a travel inviting song and video by Lovey Forbes from the British islands of Turks and Caicos



Last Boat To St Helena, a ballad by Everafter about the changes coming to St Helena  one of the more remote outposts of Great Britain



Doći Cu Ti Na Komove, a popular folk song by Milimir DjuricicDjuka from Montenegro



Kaleha Elaa Allah by Fahad Al Kubaisi from the small but influential State of Qatar, an oil rich monarchy on the Arabian Peninsula



Vuelvo A Mi Ecuador by the group Proyeccion from Bolivia, in a song dedicated to fellow Andean country Ecuador



Kihiene by Zena Bacar, legendary lead singer of the group Eyuphuro from Mozambique



Dunyam by Sahydursun Hojakowa, a popular singer from the central Asian republic of Turkmenistan



Bolgarym Kazanym, a Volga Tatar folk song by Ethnogroup Rivayat from the Tatarstan region of Russia



Nunarput Kusanaq, a song about the awe inspiring Northern Lights by the band Nanook from the autonomous Danish territory of Greenland



Jeremane by Magdeline 'Charma Gal'  Lesolebe from Botswana, with a lively Tswana traditional dance tune



Pastro by Iva, a traditional song from the West African nation of Guinea Bissau, formerly a Portuguese colony



Ly-O-Lay Ale Loya, a potent song by native American group Sacred Spirit from the USA



Baselaia Ne Wetr by Roumadyval from New Caledonia, a collectivity of France, originally inhabited by the Melanesian Kanak people



Mono'i Tupuna by Tamariki Poerani, a gracious song from Tahiti, the largest island in the Overseas Collectivity of French Polynesia



Čudna Jada Od Mostara Grada by legendary group Mostar Sevdah Reunion from Bosnia and Herzegovina



Federkleid, a beautiful sounding song by the medieval inspired neo Pagan group Faun from Germany 



Ñuca Llacta and Ñuaupa Llacta, two cheerful San Juanitos by the group Huayra Yacu Daulis from Ecuador



Oro Se Vie, lively modern folk by the Bohemian Bards from the Czech Republic



Dy Kosova by Shkurte Fejza from Kosovo, the Albanian speaking breakaway Republic still awaiting full international recognition



Bangiza by Linos Wengara Magaya from Zimbabwe, a song expressing the country's rich cultural and musical heritage



Nying Jemo, a beautiful modern folk song by Tsering Gyurmey from the 'Roof of the World', the autonomous region of Tibet in China



Folk inspired celebration song by a children group from the Sultanate of Oman, showcasing scenes of this beautiful country



Beautiful Samoa by Mr. Tee from the South Pacific island sovereign nation of Samoa, not to be confused with American Samoa



Song of Duke Vitautas by Stary Olsa from Belarus, a folk song about an important historical event in the country's past



Cafe De l'Amour, a happy and sweet sounding song by the late Barthelemy from the South Pacific French Territory of Tahiti



Hora De La Balti by Fratii Stefanet, with folklore from the Romanian speaking Republic of Moldova



Te Aira, a folkloric song and dance from the island of Nui in the South Pacific nation of Tuvalu



Ana Bwaya - La Sulamiyya, a Sufi song by Cheikh Abderahman bin Mahmood  from Tunisia



Djerba, a composition dedicated to this southern Tunisian island by the late Ridha Kalai, Tunisia's King of Violin



The Night Of Ulaanbatar, a melodious and refined composition by the Musa collective from Singapore



 Baba Bahri by Imane al-Sherif from Tunisia, with a song from the folklore of the Sfax region



In Love With Nauru, a song composed for the people of the Pacific Island of Nauru, the world's smallest island nation



Carpathian Czardas by Ivan Pylypets, lively folklore from the Carpathia region of Ukraine

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