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From Rai to Chicha, Dangdut, Luk Thung or Kwaito, we will explore through the playlists and videos below the more modern and commercial versions of traditional music, often with elements of fusion and influences from global rhythms, as well as intersting global hip hop and pop songs that show how modern global youth culture reaches in every corner of the planet. These are the hits that many 'locals', especially the young and urban, enjoy for their parties in the countries you visit, on their phone screens and through their earphones, so join them with these popular themes, on the dance floor or in parties where you may be invited...

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Esta Yu Maniente by Chamorro diva Rose Martinez from the Micronesian USA territory of Guam



Sayang, by second generation Dangdut singer Via Vallen, a talented singer with a beautiful voice from Indonesia



Sindikusiyasiya, an infectious party beat by Tech Dali from Malawi showcasing the shores of Lake Malawi, the world's 9th largest



Osiet, a song about the fight between good and evil by singer and actress Moldir Auelbekova from Kazakhstan



Nkatini by Samburu Siampa from Kenya, in a video where modernity and tradition blend to great effect



Pohnpei Sarawai by Kenedi, in a sweet sounding song from the island of Pohnpei, one of the Federated States of Micronesia



Traktor Polka, a lively and fun folk pop song from the group Atomik Harmonik from Slovenia



Great ethno pop song about the Isan region of Thailand bordering Laos, by Sorn Sinchai, Dok Thung and Kantong from Thailand



Take You Away by Fiyah Marshall from the tiny tourist friendly British Overseas Territory of Bermuda



Kyrgyz Kyzdary by Ak Sedep, a powerful epic song from the Central Asia Republic of Kyrgyzstan



He'ikai Teu Lava'e Au, modern Polynesian sound by JKing Tu'ifua Kanongata'a from Tonga, the last South Pacific kingdom



Mağusa Limani by Ibrahim Özduran, from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, with a song about the port of Famagusta



Ingadla by Diba Diba from the Kingdom of Swaziland, in a song where hip hop meets tradition to great results



Maghreb by Monsif Jilali from Morocco, in a song celebrating North African unity



La Mirada Interior by Dutch born Marian Van De Wal from tiny Andorra



Maria by El Dey from Algeria



Welcome to Mauritius by Gregory Negus from Mauritius, with lively island rhythms and a video showing the beauty of the country



Aah W Noss by Middle Eastern superstar Nancy Ajram from Lebanon, with a tease of a video



Kailashaima...Jai Shiva Shambo by D-Marcha Band from Nepal, in modern style devotional music with gorgeous backdrop



Ukiuq by The Jerry Cans, a young group from the arctic Canadian Territory of Nunavut



Jura by Zulaykho from Tajikistan, with a folk pop song and a video showing the country's beauty and traditions



Tu Si Quieres by Omega from the Dominican Republic, with a hard hitting Urban Merengue delivering a strong message



Ayy by Amara La Negra and various artists from the Dominican Republic, in a sexy and provocative urban rhythm video



I Love Sino Kadazan by Tian Long from Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, celebrating the mixed native and Chinese Sino - Kadazan culture



Somos Sur, a true World Music video by Chilean - French Ana Tijoux and British - Palestinian Shadia Mansour, in a relevant song with a message



Amor Prohibido, a classic by the late Mexican - American Tejano music singer Selena Quintanilla Perez from the United States of America



A lively pop song from Syria with traditional undertones, from a more carefree time before the civil war 



Sarala Varala by Sandra Afrika and Oskar from Serbia, in an innuendo filled 'Turno Folk' song and video

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